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Dog shot in face during casual encounter

(DogFull.Com) In a disturbing crime out of Mobile, Alabama, a one-year-old dog doing nothing but wagging his tail was shot in the face on Wednesday night as three men walked by while the dog

2 Dogs Dumped Like Trash During Hurricane Matthew Are Rescued, Thanks To Caring Neighbor

(DogFull.Com) For weeks, coastal communities prepared for Hurricane Matthew, and now its aftermath is all over the news. Among those affected, two small dogs were cruelly abandoned in the middle of the hurricane and forced to face

Dogs Lose Home When Owner Dies and Are Rescued from a Life in the Streets

(DogFull.Com) These three dogs unfortunately became homeless when their human dies.  There was no one to take care of them, so they wound up strays.  Thanks to Hope for Paws, they have a second

Seven Dogs Rescued from Death in Korean Meat Farm Come to America

(DogFull.Com) The fight to save the lives of dogs headed to slaughter to be used a food is far from over, but another small victory has been scored! These seven dogs were headed to

US Humane Society Rescues 130 Dogs from Suspected Puppy Mill

(DogFull.Com) The Sheriff’s office of Cabarrus County, North Carolina called in the United States Humane Society to assist with a suspected puppy mill bust.  As one would suspect, the conditions these poor creatures were

Pope Francis Photobombed by the Most Jubilant Dog

(DogFull.Com) When Pope Francis stepped outside the Vatican in St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday, he was met by a group of dog trainers.  As people flocked to get photos, one man held his very

Homeless Man With Great Love for His Dog Touched by an Angel

(DogFull.Com) Patrick would do anything for his dog, Franklin, even making sure he got food first. When things went from worse to much worse, he took to a cardboard sign with the words “Dog in

17 Naughty Dogs Who Know Just How To Help Mom

(DogFull.Com) Dogs sometimes are just like naughty little kids when it comes to their moms. The mischief makers are so curious about what mom gets up to they’ll follow her around the house and

This Man Devotes His Life To Adopting Old Dogs Who Can’t Find Forever Homes

(DogFull.Com) When a beloved pet dies, it can be a heartbreaking experience, one you feel like you’re never going to recover from.It does take time to heal, and by then, you feel prepared to

Another dead dog found at former officer’s home

(DogFull.Com) A former Cherokee County school resource officer has a good deal of explaining to do after authorities in Georgia discovered the body of a dog at a residence in Paulding County. Daniel Peabody, formerly a